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Table of Contents for a Ready Plan

Readiness-as-a-Service Plan Content

The Readiness Program Knowledge Base is pre-populated with business continuity best-practice information and templates.  This content is ready for modification and augmentation to suit your organization.

  1. Incident Escalation Guide
  2. Ready Plan Owner Information
  3. Introduction
    1. Plan Scope and Applicability
    2. Plan Objectives
    3. Plan Assumptions
  4. Emergency Response
    1. Evacuation Procedures
    2. Emergency Situations
      • Bomb Threat, Earthquake, Fire/Smoke, Inclement Weather, Flood, Hurricane, Tornado, Infectious Disease Outbreak, Medical Emergency, Terrorism, Criminal Activity, Explosion, Suspicious Package, Utility Outage, Hazardous Spill
  5. Crisis Management Team
    1. Responsibilities for Crisis Management Team Leader, Emergency Coordinator, Crisis Communications, Human Resources, Facilities Management, Finance, Information Technology
    2. Emergency Executive Succession Plan
  6. Plan Activation and Communications
    1. During normal business hours, Outside normal business hours, Plan activation
  7. Recovery Strategies for business departments and information technology
  8. Business Continuity for operational business units
    1. Department Recovery Checklist
    2. Department Recovery Action Plan
  9. Information Technology Recovery
    1. Incident Response
    2. IT Recovery Procedures
    3. IT Resumption
  10. Information Lists
    • Emergency Services, Emergency Exits, Assembly Points, Safe Rooms, Command Centers, Recovery Centers, Off-Site Storage
    • Teams: Emergency Management Team, Crisis Management Team, IT Recovery Team
    • Staff Contact Information
    • Other Office Locations and Contacts
    • Directors
    • External Contacts: Vendors, Key Customers, Regulators, Other
    • Technology: Information Systems Hardware, Network Equipment, Systems Software, Communications Circuits, Backup Process Overview
  11. Pandemic Planning
  12. Readiness Program Oversight
    1. Readiness Policies and Procedures
    2. Readiness Steering Committee Charter
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