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Plans – Piecing Together Your BCP Puzzle – #6

Finally, the centerpiece of the puzzle includes your formally documented Ready Plan that lists all the procedures and tasks and contains all the information lists required to get your organization back in business as required. This is the plan that you will execute from should you ever have a disaster or major disruption, it’s the plan the auditors want to see and senior management want to know exists.


Your Ready Plan needs to be maintained as part of your regular procedures and it needs to be exercised at least annually, preferably more if you are in a dynamic environment. Exercises can include active technical exercises as well as passive table top scenario based exercises. Both are good practice.

No one likes an incomplete puzzle or one with a missing piece. Make sure all your pieces fit and are in the right place and your completed puzzle will be something you can be proud of.

Happy puzzle making!




Written by Michael

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